Time Machine is an attempt to achieve new levels of consciousness and push the limits of the actual wine production methods. Time is the dimension in which we shape our existence.

This project tries to establish a relation between two expressions of time : time as our space modulator and time as the object we model with our minds. It is a question of how we approach time, how we manage and quantify it. It is a question of scale. Nature’s harmony lies in the balance between time and space. In nature, time is the agent that determines the creation, growth and evolution of organisms justifying their function and mechanisms and revealing their beauty and mystery.

It is man’s role to act as nature’s orchestrator and to be involved in this never-ending challenge. Taking the process of wine-making as an experimental field we will try to explore the possibilities of processing a given matter in a proportioned space within a certain amount of time.

We are designing artifact that will be operated by the human body creating a solid material result and a transcendent experience as its mechanical energy smashes the grapes. Through aging, this fermented and smashed matter is transformed in different stages until it finally gets consumed by our bodies and then digested, invading our senses, expanding our consciousness and escaping the boundaries of time and space. The result of this experience aims to question the very notions of time and space and how we travel within this abstract coordinates.